About Us
Committed to building a high-end China focused medical device enterprise that meets international standards, integrating R&D and production into one cohesive company.

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Core Values
  • Quality
    Quality is the starting point and goal of all R&D, production, and management activities. What's more, it is also the foundation of the company's survival and development.
    • Quality is endless, not for the best, but always for better.

      Quality starts from awareness by ourselves. Quality awareness is always built-in our culture and every employee takes responsibility.

      Pay attention to details and improve our work with a rigorous and prudent attitude.

  • Innovation
    All innovative activities should start from meeting the needs of patients and be down-to-earth in seeking the truth from facts, which aims at the survival and development of the enterprise instead of being unpractical.

    Maintain the awareness of ongoing development. Strive to create products with core competitiveness, and constantly introduce new ones.

    Creating value is the core objective for innovation. Scientifically and pragmatically carry out innovative activities to promote high-quality development of enterprises.

    Making progress in technology and conducting scientific management, emphasizing on both sides to promote efficient innovations.

  • Responsibility
    We aim to achieve the mission of "Innovations improve live". We actively create value to benefit more lives and families.

    Duty comes first, gain and loss comes second; Dare to think, dare to undertake.

    Work hard and face up to difficulties and problems.

    Responsible for the results, and never prevaricate, "Find a way to success, never make excuses for failure".

  • Efficiency
    Each post, employee, and department shall cooperate and hold responsibility of the execution of the company's mission.

    Clear goals and unity.

    Maintain the formation, fill up positions in time, communicate effectively, and execute efficiently.

    Work to form a closed-loop, all actions have results, all actions are implemented.

  • Cooperation
    Combining production, learning, research, and medicine, sharing resources, and cooperating closely, to create a win-win ecological chain in the field of structural heart disease.

    Share resources, cooperate, and support, and make every effort to promote development.

    Employees establish alliances with the company, fight side by side with the company, build a development platform together, and share value returns.