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Welcome to NewMed

NewMed is committed to building a high-end China focused medical device enterprise that meets international standards, integrating R&D and production into one cohesive company. Our mission is to improve patients' lives through innovation.

Based on the core values of quality, innovation, responsibility, efficiency, and cooperation, we aim to better attract, motivate, and retain talents to support the company's long-term operation and development. We are performance-oriented and provide employees with market-competitive salaries and welfare policies, and career development systems.

  • Salary

    We provide a complete set of comprehensive compensation plan, including post wage, performance bonus and year-end bonus, etc., as well as incentive mechanism, focusing on providing all-round protection for employees.

  • Welfare

    In addition to statutory benefits, you will also enjoy a series of supplementary corporate benefits, including: paid annual leave, supplementary provident fund, supplementary medical insurance, accident insurance, marriage/birth gift, birthday gifts, holiday benefits, meal/transportation/communication subsidies and so on.

  • Employee Care

    We also pay attention to the quality of life of our employees, and try our best to solve their worries, providing various health care: employee physical examination, all kinds of activities, etc., and family care: flexible working hours, etc.

Talent concept:

By giving employees meaningful work and giving full play to their advantages, NewMed implements a scientific talent value evaluation mechanism and value distribution mechanism. It forms a benign talent training system, "let every employee fully develop in the company", and helps every employee enhance the "sense of mission", "sense of accomplishment" and "sense of gain".