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Working in NewMed

The rapid expansion of NewMed is closely related with an excellent team. NewMed is composed of young talents graduated from famous universities both at home and abroad.Become a member of NewMed, you will feel the innovative, pragmatic, and win-win team culture.

Make work a lot of enjoyment, and you are willing to grow. The people of NewMed are committed to building a high-end China focused medical device enterprise that meets international standards, integrating R&D and production into one cohesive company, and improving patients' lives through innovation.

  • Hangmin
    R&D Director

    The company was established 6 years ago and we have been learning from each other's strengths. In summary, we have formed a relatively mature and advanced management system, and always maintain a humble attitude, constantly optimizing and improving.


    I have worked in other companies. In contrast, I think NewMed has a relatively open platform, has given us full trust and decentralization, as well as great support for our work, helping us to advance and promote our career growth and development.

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  • Yongsheng
    Regulatory Affairs Director

    The complexity of cardiovascular intervention and implant products that NewMed specializes in and the market capacity of the industry endows NewMed unlimited development potential. Therefore, as a member of NewMed, you will have a brilliant future as well.


    The company has a clear organizational structure. NewMed is committed to making every employee an expert on the job through a perfect talent training system. Working in NewMed, I feel the full trust from the company, which inspires me to be more enthusiastic and motivated. The collaborative process with different departments drives me to improve and progress.

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  • Alain
    R&D Engineer

    The potential of the industry and NewMed's advanced technology in the field of mitral valve disease motivated me to join NewMed. In my opinion, for new graduates, the choice of industry is crucial to the start of their career.


    In NewMed, a quick and clear career growth plan has helped me a lot. My job requires me to quickly adapt to my current field and gain related knowledge in a short period of time. Complete skill training and first-line practical operation are double guarantees to promote my rapid growth.

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  • Linda
    Intermediate Project Engineer

    In NewMed, the core value of "efficiency" left a deep impression on me. I was inexperienced when I first joined NewMed. When I faced pressure to deliver a project, my colleagues would always guide me and give me valuable advice. With a clear division of responsibilities, we worked hard to accomplish the same goal. This is an unreserved relationship of support and cooperation to maximize our value.


    More importantly, there is no strong concept of hierarchy in NewMed. Everyone pays more attention to the work itself, and the communication between superiors and the subordinates is very smooth.


    In addition, the company also pays great attention to work-life balance, and has various cultural and sports activities to enrich our spiritual life.

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  • Yuncong
    Innovation Center R&D Engineer

    The whole team at NewMed is relatively young. Everyone is positive and energetic, and strong at work execution. Under this infectious and positive atmosphere, we are always passionate about our work.


    NewMed creates a high-quality talent development environment through an open work platform, and gives employees meaningful work, so that every employee can achieve personal growth.

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  • Yang
    Intermediate Project Engineer

    In 2020, when I first joined NewMed, there were only about 40 employees, and to my great surprise, it has expanded to more than 200 employees now. 


    NewMed attaches great importance to the cultivation of newcomers, and also gives us the opportunity to keep trying. During a year in NewMed, I witnessed the rapid development of the company. At the same time, under the leadership of the leaders and predecessors, I developed many extraordinary first-time and well-rounded skills in a short period of time.

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  • Charlie
    Intermediate Medical Affairs Specialist

    This is my first contact with the medical device industry since I studied medicine. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that I did not have before, and expanded new business capabilities and skills. The leadership directly entrusted me with an important task, allowing me to participate in the research and development of the company's core projects. 


    Everyone in the company performs their own duties, and has a high degree of work coordination. Therefore, the cooperation between the same department or across departments is very efficient. We jointly observe the values of collaboration, efficiency, and win-win cooperation.


    The company respects each employee's efforts and dedication, and gives us the opportunity to share rewards, improving our sense of participation.

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  • May
    Quality Engineer

    I've been in NewMed for more than one year. This has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. As a member of the quality department, my job responsibilities are closely related to product quality, and my work runs through the entire life cycle of medical devices, from the design and finalization of the medical device to market approval, and finally to patient application. In this process, I gradually felt the importance of responsibility, and felt the great sense of mission and value.


    Since I entered the company and started working, I have been appreciated by my colleagues and leaders both at work and outside of work, making me truly feel a sense of belonging in the company.

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