Focus on product R&D of heart valve interventions
Provide domestic leading comprehensive innovative solutions

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NewMed Jidian Innovation Center

We envisage an innovation center which hosts and coordinates interdisciplinary research into applied and basic technologies, and which serves as the epicenter of the most disruptive and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. To realize that vision, NewMed Jidian Innovation Center ("NewMed Jidian") facilitates the discovery and initial filtering of clinical requirements, the conception and design of inventions, and the realization of prototypes and initial feasibility testing.


By partnering up industry, academia, researchers, and clinicians with NewMed Jidian, we intend to bring together industry experts both domestic and foreign, boost our in-house R&D capabilities by leaps and bounds, integrate external R&D resources, take full advantage of opportunities to innovate in-house and externally, and bring more innovative products to market more rapidly, thereby serving as a fountain of innovation for the whole industry. NewMed Jidian is aimed at consolidating the inventive prowess and R&D resources of colleges, research institutions, hospitals, and NewMed, and leading the initial product development of any technological breakthrough of the clinical-industrial collaboration. We plan to nurture top-rate talents at NewMed Jidian, thus infusing fresh new blood into our industry for sustained growth. NewMed Jidian will make world-leading technology accessible to our businesses, and enhance our clout in the industry.